Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Daily Meetings Result in Daily Deals

Daily Deal System
In this market you cannot afford to miss one opportunity and you must have the right attitude each day. You must take the right approach and make sure that each day is filled with a high level of action. Those that can get these three things done DAILY will win and those that do not will be punished! 

Think about the things that you do everyday such as eating, dressing, driving, talking or walking. Because you do them everyday they are normal disciplines that you no longer think about but do automatically with ease. These activities are natural to you because of the number of times you've repeated the actions. They are also necessary to your survival so it is non negotiable as to whether you learn it or not because they are essential to your survival. When it comes to maximizing every opportunity in an economic environment that is drastically contracted, where buyers lack confidence and where banks are beyond careful your skill set is critical and vital to the survival of your career and your future! 

In todays market your survival literally depends on your ability to generate traffic and close deals and those skills have to be improved upon daily. Not once a week or twice a week. This is something that has to become a ritual for your company to start each day with a planned, high motivation meeting whereby management and sales people are shown NEW ways to solve problems. 

Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Michael Jackson, Warren Buffet and anyone that reaches a level of greatness all have some things in common. What are they? They are all top achievers in their respective fields of expertise. They are beyond their competition and they got there because of a greater commitment to learning their trade! A Daily - Disciplined - Commitment to improving on their game of expertise! 

Planned Daily Meetings prepare sales teams and management for the situations they will face daily. Of the hundreds of companies I am talking to each month the one common thread is those that are expanding and winning are doing daily focused, planned and positive meetings each day that prepare the staff with new ways to solve problems and sell their products! 

Today's economic survival is based on solving problems not on selling. Your customers will purchase because you solved a problem for them. And the more you provide your people with solutions to solving today's problems the more motivated they will be, the more productive they will be and the better their attitudes will be. This has to be done daily. Imagine if you didn't show up to your business four days of the week? That is what you are doing when you don't start each day with a planned meeting that provides your people with solutions, motivation and hope!